Tobacco Dependence Competency Resources


Tobacco Cessation and Education Online Courses:



Daystar Education Tobacco Cessation - 2 CEUs - $17

This course on Tobacco Cessation can be taken at any time, on demand, and is free to participate in. However, upon passing the course, you will have the option to pay $17 to gain 2 CEUs.



Tobacco Use and Dependence: An Updated Review of Treatments

The University of Wisconsin has just launched a free tobacco dependence treatment course (with CMEs) that includes substance abuse counselors, social workers, and psychologist. More support for certification requirements.  For more information visit:\

Clinician-assisted tobacco cessation

Rxforchange- University of California, San Francisco.  More information available at:


New York State Tobacco Free Provider Training and Resources- Shortly after this regulation was implemented, NY realized they also had to put in place a requirement for counselors to have a minimum of 4 hours of training related to tobacco use and nicotine dependence. Here are some links to NY State training. These are free and available on-line:

Freedom From Tobacco - Counselor Video- New York State

This is a 20-minute training video for substance abuse counselors. It sets up the rationale for having counselors learn to address tobacco with their clients and addresses very clearly the strong association of nicotine addictions with alcohol and/or substance abuse:


FREE OASAS Addiction Medicine Educational Series

Each course offers CASAC and/or CPP/CPS credits.


Smokeless Does Not Mean Harmless

The history of smokeless tobacco and an overview of the detrimental effects of its use. (2 hours - CASAC, CPP, CPS Section I)

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Tobacco - Chemical Dependence Connection

In-depth explanation of the impact of tobacco on chemical addiction, recovery and health (1 hour - CASAC, CPP, CPS Section I)

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Training Resources for Counselors: - Information and Statistics



Helping Smokers Quit


Mayo Clinic Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification education/tts_certification.cfm


NAADAC Tobacco Addiction Specialist Credentialing Program view=article&id=250&Itemid=77


Northeast Addiction Technology Transfer Center

Smoking Cessation Treatment at Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs (2006)  (enter “smoking” in the search box)


State University of New York, University of Albany, Rockefeller College, Professional Development Program, Tobacco Recovery Resource Exchange


University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Tobacco Treatment Research & Training


University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Tobacco Dependence Program, Professional Education Programs


Tobacco Cessation Consumer-Run Resources:


Choices - Consumer driven program for smokers with mental illness.


Peer to Peer -- A Tobacco Cessation Curriculum:

Peers are a powerful motivator! This curriculum offers step by step instructions for consumers to help their peers quit tobacco. Available for download at



Free Resource Guides and Toolkits:


Bringing Everyone Along Resource Guide and Summary

Developed by the Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network, this guide and summary assists an array of health professionals to adapt tobacco cessation services to the unique needs of tobacco users with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.


Smoking Cessation for Persons with Mental Illness: A Toolkit for Mental

Health Providers


Tobacco Free Living in Psychiatric Settings

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors



Tobacco Cessation Web Resources:


Addiction Center


Leave The Pack Behind





CDC Smoking & Tobacco Use:




Smokefree Teen: